"Lucas Rush is a bundle of punkish fun"Chris-Bennion (Telegraph)

"Resident Director Lucas Rush’s onstage energy, and disobedient attitude displays his belief and passion in American Idiot as a piece of storytelling and it’s easy to see why this production is such a success, with Rush at the helm". Johan Persson 
(West end Wilma) 

"Lucas Rush, fizzes like a firework."Catherine Jones

(Liverpool Echo)

"Lucas Rush is an actor at the top of his game, with a sense of complete freedom to experiment, explore his character and gives everything all night, every night." Ollie Cole (Buzzfeed)

"Rush was incredible as St Jimmy." Vicki Newman (Sheilds Gazzette)

"Lucas Rush as Emcee gaily struts his

stuff in a delightfully menacing manner" Duncan Harley

(Musical Theatre Review)

"Lucas Rush as Mrs Meers was absolutely hilarious as the cross-dressing 'oriental' baddie, prone to speaking in pigeon English until faced with making a 'white slave trade' deal to sell one of his lady victims. Interestingly, in the past, the part has been played by Marti Webb, Maureen Lipman and Lesley Joseph but I think it was a comedy masterstroke giving it to Rush who has strong theatre credentials, great timing and knows how to wring every laugh out of a dubious accent and a glance." Phil Hopkins (Yorkshire times)

"Lucas Rush has audiences howling through his exaggerated performance as the menacing Mrs Meers, the switch from faux Chinese maiden to deep voiced convict is hilarious as he tires of the giggly girls he houses." Nikki Cotter (Manchester's Finest Small Heading)

"Lucas Rush is a standout, with his incredibly funny portrayal of Lonny. Lucas is absolutely one of the best actors in musical theatre, he consistently owns the stage in each production he stars in" 

Lewis C. Baird (Onstage Blog)